6 home design trends in 2019


6 home design trends in 2019

The houses of 2019 will aim to use smart furniture, put greenery into the living environment ...

1. Use strong colors as a highlight

Green-red chairs create accents of color in the living room space. Photo: Designboom.

In an interior space with neutral colors as the main colors (gray, white, brown), there will be accents of strong and contrasting colors, such as original red, navy blue, black and white block ...

2. Put many materials from nature into the interior

Stone wash basin. Photo: Interior Design Paradise.

Marble, natural wood can turn into objects such as lavobo, bathtub. Or the tables and chairs still have wood grain shape, winding, not square. The tendency to mix with nature will certainly be more popular.

3. The decoration is more about sculpture

Wood prices are impressive thanks to the retro motifs. Photo: Quang Tran.

Designers will use more of the geometric blocks, geometric blocks in the home decor. The sculpture language takes precedence over the decoration with flat pieces.

4. Bringing green nature into living space

The vertical garden is in the house. Photo: To Huu Dung.

The trend of putting flowers and flowers in the house has been and will be more and more popular. Not only are some plants adapted in the shade, people will bring a natural space into the interior.

5. Use flexible smart furniture

Smart interior, cabinets - beds - tables three in one. Photo: Amazing Tech.

With the land fund becoming smaller and smaller, taking advantage of smart interior exploitation is inevitable. For example, a bed with a drawer containing furniture, a dining table containing a kitchen from the kitchen, can be opened or narrowed to use ...

6. Using high-end and modern finishing materials

Decorate the living room with a cloth in the wall. Photo: Cat Moc.

The emergence of many new high-class construction materials such as wall coverings, scratch-resistant stone bricks, artificial wood with heat resistance, water resistance, decorative glass ... will definitely make the use of multi-finished materials form and richer.

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