Leading the 2019 architectural trend with 5 samples of 2-storey 3-bedroom tube houses with only 400 million


Leading the 2019 architectural trend with 5 samples of 2-storey 3-bedroom tube houses with only 400 million

Design with maximum cost savings but still ensuring quality and aesthetics, 6 acres of 2-storey 3-bedroom tube houses costing less than 400 million will make you satisfied.

1. The 3-bedroom tube house has an additional church room

Ancestor worship has been around for thousands of years and has become a cultural beauty of Vietnam. Therefore, the 2-storey 3-bedroom 1-pillar house is always a top priority.

The 2-storey 3-bedroom tube house usually designs a shrine room on the top floor.

Drawings of 2-storey 3-bedroom tube house with ground floor design with 1 master bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room.

Design of a popular 2-storey 3-bedroom tube house with 2 master bedrooms on the first floor.

The rooftop will be designed with a shrine room, and a small master room can be arranged next to the shrine room to increase the area of use, in case there are times when guests want to spend the night.

Type 2 is a shrine room designed at the ground floor, so the second floor will have 2 bedrooms, more toilets ...

These models fit with generations of families living together.

2. The 2-storey 3-bedroom tube house has a balcony
Tube houses with balconies are always loved by professionals and special users.

A large balcony is where you can have a tea table, a chair to relax and relax.

A small balcony will also be enough for you to enjoy the early morning air, watching the sunrise to welcome the new day.

Balcony does not occupy too much area but it is the most favorite place because it has brought aesthetic to the house and a relaxing place for the family.

3. The 2-floor 3-bedroom tube house has a garden

Houses with gardens are very popular because of the tendency of people to become closer to nature. Living space with garden also makes people feel more comfortable and refreshing.

A small courtyard in front of the door is a fun and entertaining place for the whole family. This model of houses combined with the roof of the house is more and more luxurious and modern.

Ground floor is designed with living room, 1 bedroom, kitchen and toilet. The ground floor combined with a courtyard with additional ornamental plants will be an ideal place for family activities.

Around the front yard, the campus is more spacious and airy.

4. The 2-storey 3-bedroom tube house has an automobile garage

Often built on a fairly large area of land, tube houses have an automobile garage to help solve the problem of parking for homeowners and make the house luxurious.
Car garage can be designed in front of the living room with 2-storey 3 houses with great depth.
Car garage is usually designed next to the living room, separated by 1 wall.
The types of houses with car garage usually only have 1 bedroom on the ground floor and 2 bedrooms in the hotpot 1, so it is still capable of using.
5. The 2-storey 3-bedroom tube house has tum

The tum floor is often included in the 2-storey design because it helps increase the area for the house.

The floor of the tum is designed with a side seal on the second floor. There is also an automobile garage, which is both convenient and cheap.

The tumble floor is the top floor with a terrace to plant trees and clothes. The tumble floor is usually designed as a bedroom or a shrine room

The tum floor also creates a highlight for the house with the terrace area planted with ornamental plants.

In short, 5 types of houses with lots of designs will help you get more references when deciding to build a 2-storey 3-bedroom house. Hope the above information will help you make the best decision!

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